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Werner G., Mitterauer B.J. (2013). Neuromodulatory Systems. frontiers in Neural Circuits
doi: 10.3389 / fner 2013. 00036.

Bernhard J. Mitterauer: The Empirical Relevance of Modes of Behaviour in Depressive Patients

B.J.Mitterauer: Computer system for simulation of human perception. Some implications for the pathophysiology of the schizophrenic syndrome.
J. Biomedical Science and Engineering, 2010, 3, 964-977
doi: 10.4236/jbise.2010.310127 Published Online October 2010

B.J. Mitterauer: Excess of Astrocyte Receptors in Tripartite Synapses May Cause a Severe Disorder of Information Processing and Behavior in Depression. The bi-monthly Journal of the BWW Society, Vol VIII No 3 2008

B.J. Mitterauer: Gotthard GÜNTHER: Philosoph der Kybernetik

B.J. Mitterauer: The possible role of tripartite synapses in normal and abnormal behavior

Schizophrenic symptoms of incoherence may be caused by decomposed oligodendrocyte-axonic relations

Mitterauer B.: Entwurf einer Kybernetik des Unbewussten

Mitterauer B.: Die Logik des Narzissmus. Interdisziplinäre Gedanken über das Wesen der menschlichen Selbstbezogenheit (Selbstreferenz)

Ernst Griebnitz, Johannes Klopf, Bernhard Mitterauer: Zur gutachterlichen Einschätzung depressiver Zustandsbilder im Sozialgerichtsverfahren.

Mitterauer, B.: Statistical comparison of the wearing comfort of classical glasses and Eyephorics glasses.

Mitterauer, B.: The Eternal Now: Towards an Interdisciplinary Theory of Schizophrenia. The bi-monthly Journal of the BWW Society, 2003.

Mitterauer, B.: Intention and Rejection: Basic Principles for Subjecktive Robots. The bi-monthly Journal of the BWW Society, May-June 2007.

Mitterauer, B., Kofler, B. (2005): Verlust des leiblichen Vaters - Rache am Vater Staat

Mitterauer, B.: A possible role of glial cells in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia http://www.artificialingenuity.com/BB/viewtopic.php?t=57

Mitterauer, B.: Too soon on earth: Towards an interdisciplinary theory of schizophrenia.

Hermes - publications (www.artificialingenuity.com)
Since the Hermes-Forum has been destroyed by a Hacker, my contributions are here published again.

Schizophrenic dysintensionality based on a devere disorder of glial-neuronal interaction

Decrease of oligodendroglia in schizophrenia. An explanatory attempt
Ketamine and antidepressant effects
Possible role of the glial syncytium in Alzheimer's disease
Schizophrenic dysintentionality based on a severe disorder of glial-neuronal interaction
The rote of glia in dreams and detusions
The syncytiopathy hypothesis of depression:
downregulation of glial connexins may protract synaptic information processing and cause memory impairment
The role of ASCT-1 in the pathophysiology of
The proemial synapse. Consciousness generating glial-neuronal units
Synaptic Imbalances in so called Mental Disorders
Synantocytes may generate and determine the space structure of the brain
Proposal for a "gliocentric" brain philosophy
Possible role of the glial syncytium in Alzheimer's disease
Possible role of astrocytes in the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
Possible role of astrocytes in evolution and consciousness
Ontological fault in brain philosophy
Ketamine may block NMDA receptors in astrocytes causing a rapid antidepressant effect
How may astrocytes hypersynchronize neuronal networks causing epilepsy?
Excess of astrocyte receptors in tripartite synapses may cause a severe disorder of information processing and behavior in depression
Decrease of oligodendroglia in schizophrenia. An explanatory attempt

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