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Lectures, Seminars, Research Projects

Journal Publications

Supervisor of the literature seminar of the "Salzburg Group of Analytical Psychology". Topic; "The Metapsychology of Freud".

Lectures at the Institute of Psychology, University of Salzburg. Topic: "Metapsychology".

Organization and supervision of the weekly advanced courses at the Psychiatric Department of the Salzburg Mental Hospital.

Brain research project in collaboration with Prof. G. Werner (University of Austin, USA).

Philosophical Cooperation with Prof.Claus Baldus (Berlin)

Interdisciplinary basic research project in collaboration with the University of Berlin (Dipl.Math. G.G. Thomas).

Lectures at the Medical Faculty of the University of Graz. Topic: "Suicide".

Seminar at the Institute of Forensic Neuropsychiatry, University of Salzburg. Topic: "The Assessment of Suicidality".

Research program concerning the publication of the posthumous works of the philosopher Gotthard Günther, in collaboration with the "Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz" (Berlin, Dr. C. Baldus).

Independent scientific collaboration with Eyemetrics (N. Hollywood, USA), a novel medical-technical measurement and production system for optical glasses.

Numerous lectures on forensic-psychiatric topics at home and abroad (i.e. criminal responsibility, psychiatric diagnosis, prognosis of dangerousness, delusion research, depression research, basic research, brain research, suicide, consciousness research, biocybernetics).
Long-term research project at the Institute of Forensic Neuropsychiatry, Faculty of Legal Sciences, University of Salzburg. Topic: "Methodic Advancements in Assessment".
Clinical-medical research regarding investigations on various legal problems (criminal, civil, social, and family jurisdiction, etc.) and scientific elaboration within the team of the Institute.

Organization and Supervision of seminars at the University of Salzburg.

Technical cooperation with Dr.Dipl.Ing.P.Zinterhof. Computer simulations of my brain model. Robotic development of the AIBO-dog (Sony).

2001 Membership of the BMW-Society- "The Global500" (USA)

2002 - 2012.
Scientific cooperation with Prim.Dr.R.Silyé (Institute of Pathology, Wagner-Jauregg-Clinic Linz) Molecular biological testing of my hypothesis of the etiology of schizophrenia.

Registration of volitronics

Scientific cooperation with Prof.J.Pfalzgraf (Head of the Institute for Computer Sciences - University Salzburg). Interdisciplinary brain research program.

2004 - 2007
Installation and organization of a Forensic-phychatric Clinic at the Christian-Doppler-Klinik (Salzburg, Austria)

2013 - cont
Interdiscyplinary publications with Prof. W. Baer (USA)

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