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Volitronics-Institute for Basic
Research Psychopathology
and Brain Philosophy
Gotthard Günther Archives
Head:Bernhard J. Mitterauer,MD;
Professor emeritus of Neuropsychiatry,
University of Salzburg
A-5071 Wals, Autobahnweg 7, Austria
e-mail: mitterauer@volitronics-institute.at
Homepage: http://www.volitronics-institute.at

The institute was founded on 1. October 2009.
Its main aim is to further elaborate the theory of subjectivity of Gotthard Günther. The research program consits essentially of three topics: brain research, psychopathology and philosophy. The theoretical conceptions developed are based on current experimental results reported in the pertinent journals. The term "volitronics" should express that the scientific approaches to a theory of subjectivity are mainly action-oriented with the criterion of the feasibility of intended action programs. Consequently a novel psychopathology, called "Architektonic Psychopathology" could be developed.
The same holds for the brain model that focuses on the glial cell systems responsible for intentional programming and information structuring. Since the philosophical approach deals with the interpretations of intentions, feasability and the generation of subjective realities, this philosophy is characterized as "Architektonik " (architectonics).

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