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Gotthard Günther Archives

The institute was founded on 1. October 2009. Its main aim is to further elaborate the theory of subjectivity of Gotthard Günther. The research program consits essentially of three topics: brain research, psychopathology and philosophy. The theoretical conceptions developed are based on current experimental results reported in the pertinent journals. The term „volitronics“ should express that the scientific approaches to a theory of subjectivity are mainly action-oriented with the criterion of the feasibility of intended action programs.

Consequently a novel psychopathology, called „Architektonic Psychopathology“ could be developed.The same holds for the brain model that focuses on the glial cell systems responsible for intentional programming and information structuring. Since the philosophical approach deals with the interpretations of intentions, feasability and the generation of subjective realities, this philosophy is characterized as „Architektonik “ (architectonics).


Curriculum vitae

Dr Mitterauer´s Life

Born on October 31st, 1943 in Salzburg.

1953 – 1961
Attending the cathedral secondary school in Kremsmünster with emphasis on Latin Greek and Philosophy. Graduation in 1961.

1961 – 1969
Medical school in Innsbruck.

Graduation to MD.

1970 –
Marriage to Gertraud Laimböck.

Birth of daughter Stilla.

Birth of son Tobias.

1976 – 1984
Study of Philosophy at the University of Hamburg  (Prof. G. Günther).

Completion of the psychoanalytical training to Psychoanalyst.

1977 – 1987
Head of the Crisis Intervention Centre at the Psychiatric Department of the Mental Hospital in Salzburg.
Extensive research in suicide in the province of Salzburg.

Graduation to specialist in Neurology and Psychiatry.

Award of the Salzburg Medical Society-Price for the study „Beziehung des Wahns zum Selbstmordversuch und Selbstmord“ („The relationship of delusion to suicide and suicide attempts“.

Award of the Anton von Eiselsberg-Price of the Van Swieten Society and the Austrian Medical Society for the study „Das suizidale Achsen-syndrom: eine medizinisch-biologische Studie zur Abschätzung der Suizidalität“ („The suicidal axis syndrome: a medical-biological study of the assessment of suicidality“).

Registration as an expert in the field of Neurology and Psychiatry. Consecutive expert opinion work at the court of justice in Salzburg and partly at other austrian courts.

1983 – 1992
Interdisciplinary basic research with Dipl.Math Gerhard Thomas (Berlin)

1983 – 2012
Brain research project with Prof. Gerhard Werner (University of Austin ,USA)

1984 July 19th
Award of the Venia docendi in Psychiatry from the University of Graz.

June 28, 1984
Affirmation from the Department of Science and Education.
Lectures at the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology of the University of Graz.

Award of the title AO Professor of the medical faculty of the University of Graz.

1989 – 2009
Head of the Institute of Forensic Neuropsychiatry of the Faculty of Legal Science at the University of Salzburg.
Chairmanship of the interdisciplinary seminar „Psychiatric and legal borderline questions in the field of criminality“.

Foundation of the Gotthard Günther Archives. Research and publication of the posthumous philosophical works of the German-American logician and philosopher Gotthard Günther (+ 29.11.1984) Cooperation with Prof. Claus Baldus (Berlin)

Since 1993 – 1997
Scientific cooperation (brain research) with Prof.Reitböck (Institute of Biophysics and Applied Neurophysics, University of Marburg)

Award of the Hofrat-Krohn-Price for the study „Probleme der ärztlichen Sorgfalts- und Aufsichtspflicht bei akut suizidalen Patienten („Problems of the medical obligatory supervision and diligence in acutely suicidal patients“).“

Award „Global500“ The BMW Society (USA)

Development of Action-oriented therapy of depression

Foundation of the Forensic-Psychiatric Clinic
Christian Doppler Clinic (Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg)

Development of „Therapy of decision conflicts“

Professor emeritus of the University of Salzburg

Foundation of the Volitronics-Institute for Basic Research Psychopathology and Brain Philosophy

Donation of the Gotthard Günther Archives to the Staatsbibliothek at Berlin (including my own pertinent scientific work).

Since 2013
Cooperation with the US-Quantum Physist Prof. Wolfgang Baer.
Member of the Editorial Bond of „Grundlagenstudien aus Kybernetik und Geisteswissenschaften“.
Reviewer of InternationalJournals
(frontiers in Neurosciences, etc).

2010 – 2013
Cooperation with the Institute of Pathology (Wagner-Jauregg-Clinic, Linz, Austria)

Cooperation with the University of Applied Medical-Sciences, Linz, Austria

– 2018
Govenor of the Institute of Global Issues and Solutions of the World Wide Society

Curriculum vitae