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For Basic Research Psychopathology and Brain Philosophy Gotthard Günther Archives Volitronics Institute
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Architectonic Philosophy, Psychology, Psychopathology Religion


Interdisciplinary research (psychopathology, suicidology, forensic psychiatry, brain research)


brain-oriented computer systems based on the transclassic logic of Gotthard Günther. (Robotics)

DR. BERNHARD MITTERAUER Architectonic Philosophy Historically, the concept of architectonics dates back to the philosophies of Aristotle, Leibniz, Wolff, Kant and Jäsche.
Innovative Thinkers

Editor of the posthumous works:
Prof. B. Mitterauer

The archives are situated in the Staatsbibliothek Berlin. The Günther Archives contain writings, tape recordings, etc., which Günther bequeathed to his students Claus Baldus (Potsdam) and Bernhard Mitterauer (Salzburg) during his lifetime.

Günther`s philosophy of Cybernetics is playing a central role in the interdisciplinary basic research of B. Mitterauer. The pertinent publications and patents are included in the bibliography listing or under patent developments.